This Is Not Your Normal Detox
Bermuda's two-in-one 30-Day Body Reset Program
Restore your body’s balance and feel great again!
5 Signs You Need To Detox
  •  Low Energy: You often feel fatigued and lack energy
  •  Lack of Mental Clarity: You experience frequent headaches or lack mental clarity
  •  Skin Problems: You often have skin breakouts
  •  Poor Digestion: Your digestion is uncomfortable and irregular
  •  Body Fat: You are carrying excess body fat
Why Detox?
Over time, the buildup of toxins from the environment, food and lifestyle choices cause havoc on your metabolism and entire health, resulting in weight gain, development of diseases and speed up the aging process.

Eliminating these toxins that are causing hormonal imbalances and risking your health will result in your body having the right internal environment to thrive and restore balance.
You’ll activate your healing system by nourishing your cells for optimal brain and body function.
My Experience From Doing the Detox
- Latisha Fox
  •  Less hungry
  •  Less cravings - no urge to snack
  •  Less moody
  •  Manage stress better
  •  Sleeping better
  •  Increased energy - not tired and groggy
  •  Have a new feeling of serenity
  •  My cholesterol levels have decreased
How It Works
DAYS 1 - 15

Detox diet with natural therapeutic supplements
DAYS 16 - 30
Learn to eat for life and implement lifestyle strategies for optimal and sustainable health.
It Includes
  •  Detox Guidebook
  •  Recipes
  •  Meal Guidance with Grocery List
  •  Detox Supplements
  •  Body Composition Weigh-ins
  •  1-On-1 Health Coaching Sessions
  •  Health Reports to Monitor Your Progress
  •  Someone to Hold You Accountable
  •  Phone, Text & E-mail Support
  •  The Ultimate Gift of Good Health
Invest In Yourself. You Deserve It!
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